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 Application for new Co-Owner.

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Application for new Co-Owner. Empty
PostSubject: Application for new Co-Owner.   Application for new Co-Owner. I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 08, 2009 3:59 pm

Name : Dan

Age : 16

TimeZone : Gmt

Why i would do a good job at being co owner: I believe if i became the status of Co-Owner of DevilGunz, i would dedicate every free time i have to the server, i would help code the server, this includes: coding weapons into the server, quests, doing a high percentage of the database work, sorting minor bugs out inside the server like invisible items, i would get the pictures for it, so they are not invisible anymore, i would also listen to people, if a large population of the server (when it is running) believe something is overpowered etc, i will sort this with your consent. I would also begin to make custom weapons/swords, etc to add into this server, so it gives a lot more variety to our server. I will help many people to connect to the server, if they are having problems, i would also guide new players if they get stuck, i will help them. Also i would be monitoring the forums, checking there is no problems in there. I would also be monitoring inside the server for hackers/glitchers/swappers, to make the community a better place, if i catch them, they will banned, unless i get told otherwise by the Owner God of DevilGunz. I will be watching all staff, making sure their jobs are being done at all times, if i see them abusing powers, behaving in an innapriopriate manner towards people, they will be consulted with, and warned/banned, depending on the circumstances. I believe if i was Co-Owner i could make a huge difference to this server, Now it's for you to decide Wink

Thanks, Dan.
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Application for new Co-Owner.
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