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 Infinity's/Lief's Staff App

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PostSubject: Infinity's/Lief's Staff App   Infinity's/Lief's Staff App I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 03, 2009 1:02 am

Hi i'm Infinity, a.k.a ^1Lief from DR. Id like to apply to be a Staff Member on this server, i'm dedicated and responsible. I was Admin the last time this server was running, i was trusted with the Admin panel and i can be trusted any time. I know most of the gm commands, i can help keep the lobby unspammed and i can help keep the forum clean. I can also make events with Mike's consent. I am loyal and I never ego or anything like that, I can help members when they need it aswell. I have some basic developing skills, i can edit clothes and weapons on Photoshop, but thats just about all the developing i can do. I will not abuse my powers, and only use them when neccessary. As a staff member i will try to make the server a better place for everyone to be in, and i want to help the server become better.

Thanks for reading my staff Application.

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Infinity's/Lief's Staff App
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