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 [Tut] How to test weapons on other private servers.

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[Tut] How to test weapons on other private servers. Empty
PostSubject: [Tut] How to test weapons on other private servers.   [Tut] How to test weapons on other private servers. I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 04, 2009 8:59 pm

I'm making this tutorial on my iPod. Ill post links when I get back from my trip.

A private server (i use Trinity Gunz)
Mrs.exe and the DLL file that it comes with.
Your ELU file

First download mrs.exe. Search it on google and you should be able to find it. Put the dll file and the mrs.exe in a folder. Then find the file cmd.exe (command prompt). Copy it and put the copy in the mrs.exe folder.

Now go to the private server u got and find an mrs file. Here are the following depending on what u want to do.
model.mrs: edit weapons
man.mrs: edit clothing for males
woman.mrs: edit girl clothes
default.mrs: edit loading screen and basically any interface.
system.mrs: edit the values for weapons, quests etc.

Copy the mrs to the folder where your mrs.exe is. Open cmd.exe.

Here are the commands you can enter.
mrs.exe d (mrs name).mrs
This will decompile the mrs into a sub folder which will apear in the mrs.exe folder.

mrs.exe c (folder name)
This will compile the folder into a mrs file.

Decompile the mrs u choose.


To test a weapon, decompile model.mrs and find the subfolder for your weapon.
Example: c:/model/weapon/katana
Within that folder take your ELU and your texture and paste them there. Then delete a previous file, example katana01.elu, and rename your weapon that file. Now go back to cmd and compile your model folder into an mrs. Then take that mrs and replace the model.mrs in the private server folder.

Start the game by pressing gunz.exe NOT gunzlauncher.exe. If u start the launcher it will patch your mrs file deleting your weapon. Once ingame find your weapon in the shop. It will be whatever the weapon you replaced was.

I will post a tutorial on how to edit weapon values and on how to create new weapons when I get back. Until then, cya DevilGunz!
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[Tut] How to test weapons on other private servers.
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