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PostSubject: Killzoz Application   Killzoz Application I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 02, 2010 12:41 pm

Location: USA

Time Zone: (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

Languages spoken: English, A lil Spanish

Activity Time:
Mon. 4-5 Hr's
Tuse. 4-5 Hr's
Wen. 3-4 hr's
Fri. 5-6 hr's
weekend's All day
Maybe i well be active on the fourms in-game for maybe 5 hours a day.

Age: 19

What I can do for the server: What i would try to do to Help the server is Try my best To help people. I will do my best to keep the rule breakers away.And when i find a rule Breaker this is What i would do.
1.)Banned no Question asked
1.)Warn Them
3.)Bann do to the Glitch they do
1.)Warn them
(also) i am well known though out the server people know me and i know most of them. i am always serching for hackers and abusers.i try my best to keep the server clean. and i will try to keep the Fighting to a min. if i see a Fight blowing out in the lobby i will try my best to settle it. I my self dont like Rule breakers they make the Game a lot less fun. it realy is anoying when u report a hacker to a GM and they do nothing!!!. i would not be like that. i will Find the hacker and BANN them so fast they would be like." WTF just happen!?"

Why I should be hired: I well make the server clean with hackers glishers and swapers!

Previous Experience:Tryed to make a server...... Gave up

Other information: I would do any thang to be part of the staff. i always follow the rules and not break the rules. And i well get more pepole to the game! And keep the server hacker free!

Ending sentence: Thanks for reading!!!
Your Friend,
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Killzoz Application
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